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  • What is a Power Surge?

    A power surge, also called transient voltage, is simply an unexpected increase in voltage. If strong enough, it can damage or even destroy electronic devices in your home. Even small electrical power surges can gradually damage electronic equipment over time.

  • How Do Power Surges Happen?

    Power surges can originate from an electric utility company such as FPL or Homestead Power during power grid switching. They can also occur if there’s a malfunction in a nearby transformer or transmission line. Some of the most powerful power surges can occur as the result of a lightning strike near and around your home. In the worst case scenario, a power surge can even cause a fire.

    The best way to prevent a power surge from damaging your appliances and electronics in your home is to allow a professional electrician to install a Whole Home Surge Protector in your electrical panel. This prevents power surges from affecting your home.

  • Is a Grounding System Important?

    Grounding your home keeps you and your loved ones safe! A good grounding system will protect homeowners against electrical shock from stray electricity in the home.

    The grounding system connects your home’s electrical system to the earth. Lighting strikes can energize components in your home, and the grounding system can safely dissipate electricity from the lightning strike. However, a very large direct strike will not be dissipated by a house grounding system. The main goal is to get the electricity to flow to the ground.

    This is done by connecting the earth ground wire to a grounding electrode. Proper grounding is an important and valuable safety feature that should not be overlooked.

  • Why Do Prices Vary Between Electrical Companies?

    There are many people out there doing electrical work. Some may be handymen, your neighbor that has an opening in his “honey-do list”, or even an unlicensed “electrician” trying to build a client base.

    At Electroman, LLC we are licensed and insured electricians; which means we are not only certified to do the job legally, but also safely. We respect and follow OSHA and the NEC Code guidelines to ensure safety for you and our team.

    We are not the cheapest, but we are also not the most expensive, Electroman, LLC guarantees the best prices along with top level work and exceptional service.